Come on, Germans.

You’re better than this.



Hold back the tears.


Okay, Mr. Moroder, here’s the deal. The song is for a TV show. Main character in this episode is a young, starry-eyed wannabe pop starlet. Name’s Suzi or Cyndi or something. She’s working the LA club circuit. She’s got looks, she’s got talent—but she just can’t catch a break.

Anyhow, the song’s gonna be performed by Pat Benatar. I know, right? And get this—her backing band is Mr. Mister. They play the song in the final climax scene, where Suzi finally gets her big break opening for Pat on the same night she has to make the payoff to the mob to get her uncle Carl back. But the mob doesn’t know that Suzi found out they were gonna double-cross her, and she’s hired the A-Team to—hang on. Is it the A-Team or Knight Rider?

—Honey, can you get me Sheldon on the phone? Ask him if the song deal is for the Hasslehoff thing or the one with the mohawk guy from Rocky. Thanks, sweetheart.

Sorry about that. Anyway, so: There we are. What do you think, Giorgio—can you write this song?