How to Box in Your Right-Wing Friends


Want to hear a really great song? Check out “I Love America,” by Patrick Juvet. It’s fun, upbeat and catchy—sure, the chorus isn’t on, like, a Stevie Wonder or Brian Wilson level, but it will probably be stuck in your head all day.

Anyhow, to celebrate Super Duper Tuesday, why not share this with your friends considering casting their votes for any of the republican candidates? They’ll have to like it; A) it’s an awesomely fun song, and B) it’s called “I Love America.” I mean, I think republicans/ conservatives are morally and philosophically obligated to defend any song called “I Love America” with any and all guns in their possession, right?

The point is, you’ll have introduced them to a song they can’t hate—even though it’s a disco single made by a bisexual Frenchman. So it’s win-win, really.

This song will be my soundtrack as I walk into the voting booth today. If anyone wants the MP3, holler at a m.f.; I got you!

(Extended 13-minute remix version, yo.)