Kicking and/or Screaming


Okay; since the Boston Phoenix went under, my modest little recommendations soapbox has shrunk and my friends are getting tired of politely replying to the sporadic, out-of-the-blue reviews/rants/raves I drop into their in-boxes.

Maybe I should start a blog; but you know what? Holy Christ. Seems like everybody has one of those, and they all stink. They’re like—I dunno, laundry hampers?

And yet, here we are.

I’ve put/fought this off for a long time now. Whatever, world!

My name is Andrew Graham.


I am a music writer.

Go ahead—make my day more interesting: xdonricklesx over at the gmail com dot. Or is it dot com? Dom cot? Etc. (Take that, internauts.)


Fine; let's hear it.

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