A small-caliber proposal.


So, here’s the deal:

If you have a gun, you can shoot anyone else with a gun.

People who don’t own guns are exempt. Off-limits.

Some specifics:

Gun owners who shoot non-gun-owners are exiled from the country for life; no second chances, no exceptions.

Law-enforcement officials are included in all of the above.


That way everyone gets to have their fun. Gun people can go ahead and shoot up whoever, whenever, and pretend the government’s going to take over or whatever; and non-gun people can be a few hundred thousand times safer. (See also: kids.)

Agreed? Any further discussion on this? Not sure why there would be?


Toyotas of Massachusetts: Family Values vs. Keeping it Green.

It’s hard to wrap my head around this car and what it’s saying to the world—a Prius with a smugly superfluous vanity plate and a Christian fish thing. It’s a red state/blue state paradox; like a Dr. Laura show on NPR. It’s freaking me out, but I like it.

prius christ

I appreciate the way it comes off as a more genuine, real-life, walking-the-walk embodiment of what this car (which I used to see on the way to work) is telling everyone:

triangular logic crew

The Prius comes off sort of like the clean-lines, grown up version of the Camry’s jaded, apathetic splatter, doesn’t it?

Either way, both cars are clearly tools for telling people something about their owners; at the minimum, the message seems to be: I care.

How much they care, and about what, are less clear, but one thing we can take away from these two pictures is that the owners of these cars would probably find one another irritating.