Avonmore than this (surely?).

…Nice to see that Bryan Ferry splashed out into the double digits on the cover for his new album.

I wonder if he went with the design team from the CD pressing company? I hear they often offer a package deal.

But seriously, the baffling thing is that the text looks like an apathetic, low-wattage font (Poor Man’s Papyrus, maybe? Crapperplate?), but it’s actually not.

So—the implicit effects of aesthetic ambivalence and penny-pinching are achieved, but closer scrutiny reveals that it was, in fact, done this way on purpose.

Unfortunate, given that this is an artist with a history of pretty thoughtfully-designed album cover art. (Um, although.)

As for the music? Still early days yet; I only just got it. So far, it’s no Olympia, but it is sturdy, well-built Ferry; hard to go wrong there. And it’s nice to see that Nile Rodgers’ re-ascendance is still happening. (His book was a really insightful and fascinating read, btfw.)