A Wintry Mix for a Snowy Night

It's the berries!

Well, then! It’s been a little while since I last posted anything, and a Prince remembrance is a tough act to follow. But this has a chance, at least, of doing the trick.

If you would like to click here, you will initiate the downlizzle of a four-hour mix that I made the other day. It was meant as an “audition” for my DJ services at a semi-local joint, but I figured that since it went so long (editing has never been my strong suit), it was worth sharing outside of that narrow avenue.

[EDIT: Updated the link; it’s good for another week or so, which should catch everyone. If you missed it, drop me a line (and if you know anywhere on the internet that I can stash a file that comes up to just a shade under 500MB for free, please do the same)…]

This post also will serve, at least, to unveil my new DJ name: Officer Nasty. Where did this name come from? Good question. In advance of any idle googling this name may inspire, I will tell you one thing: Not from Family Guy. Never anything from Family Guy.

I made the mixxx using Mixxx, which allowed me to select all the songs, Auto-DJ them and record the mix without having to manage much after pressing Play. It’s a decent app, but not the most intuitive when it comes to the above usage. (There is no “Play” or “Record” button, for example.)

(Side note: I only DJ from vinyl, so the playlist consists strictly of records I actually own and would/will play in a live set.)

As always, let me know what you think. (If you’re reading this, you know how to reach me.) What do you like—and what don’t you like? Equally interested in both!

Say; let’s try adding a playlist—real small, so it doesn’t take up the whole page.

[Note: Order may be slightly different from actual mix, for reasons too boring to divulge.]
01. Poliça – Dark Star
02. Glass Candy – Candy Castle
03. Leftfield – Original
04. Aïsha Devi – The Saviour On Spilled Blood
05. Akkord – Channel Drift
06. Chromatics – I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around
07. Mylo – Paris Four Hundred
08. M83 – Graveyard Girl
09. Party Bros. – Heartstones
10. M83 – Midnight City
11. Dangermouse – Tom’s Diner/In Da Club
12. Betty Davis – Shoo-B-Doop and Cop Him
13. Benji Hughes – Why Do These Parties Always End The Same Way?
14. Ghostface Killah – Be Easy (ft. Trife)
15. 8 Ball & MJG – Buck Bounce
16. Kelis – Milkshake
17. Bigg Jus – This Is Poor People’s Day
18. Company Flow – Patriotism
19. David Banner – Choose Me (ft. Sky)
20. Agallah – Crookie Monster (instrumental)
21. Downtown Science – This Is A Visit
22. Beastie Boys – Shake Your Rump
23. Chromium – Haunted Disco
24. Chromeo – Momma’s Boy
25. Chic – Happy Man
26. C.J. & Co. – Devil’s Gun
27. Bionic Boogie – Stop The Music
28. Brother To Brother – We Love To Party
29. Cocoa Brovaz – Super Brooklyn (Instrumental)
30. Dr. Octagon – Blue Flowers
31. Chromatics – I Want Your Love
32. Gayngs – Crystal Rope
33. Leftfield – Dusted [Howie B Vocal Remix]
34. 50 Cent – How To Rob An Industry Nigga
35. Evian Christ – Drip
36. Erykah Badu – That Hump
37. Empire Of The Sun – Swordfish Hotkiss Night
38. El-P – Tuned Mass Damper
39. 8 Ball & MJG – Pimp Hard
40. Eightball – Ball And Bun
41. The Bug vs Earth – Boa
42. Earth – Coda Maestoso In F [Flat] Minor (Autechre remix)
43. DJ Spinna – Watch Dees (ft. Eminem & Thirstin Howl III)
44. DJ Shadow – Dark Days (Main Theme)
45. Desire – Don’t Call
46. Cloud Boat – Wanderlust (Old Apparatus remix)
47. Clams Casino – Realist Alive [Lil B] (instrumental)
48. Chromatics – I’m On Fire
49. Burial – Loner
50. Bowery Electric – Floating World
51. Blockhead – A New Day
52. Bilal – Restart
53. Benji Hughes – Where Do Old Lovers Go?
54. Balam Acab – Motion
55. PPP – On A Cloud
56. Sa-Ra Creative Partners – Glorious
57. Arcadia – Election Day
58. Grace Jones – Love Is The Drug
59. Tiombe Lockhart – Escape From Stinktown